WTF – does a GET

WTF – does a GET

While *trying* to take a look at their client edition,
i open Firebug and here’s what i see:


Defitively a feature from the past!

More Dojo Goodies : JavaScript Linker

More Dojo Goodies : JavaScript Linker

I couldn’t resist blogging this… it’s an awesome tool!

Go checkout svn co, read
the instructions at and … use it!

So, let’s say i create a web app that makes use of dojo and of tacos.
Currently, tacos.js is 54kb and dojo is at least 150kb. So, how about reducing this? How about keeping only the functions and the files that are actually called from the html files?

Well, that’s exactly what the JavaScript Linker does.

For my first example, i run

java -Xms8m -Xmx200m -cp jsl.jar:sisc.jar:bcel.jar –verbose –prj jsl.prj –sources ../tests/test_tacos.html
and was left with a 2.3kb dojo.js and a 6.3kb tacos.js

Doesn’t this rock??? Thx dojo & Well done to everyone involved.