I’ll be heading to Ikaria island in a few hours.
I’ve been there before and i can’t wait to be there again!

Ikaria is one of those little-known (at least to foreigners, who usually only know Myconos, Santorini, Rodos, Corfu and Crete ) greek islands that are perfect for couples but also perfect for large groups of youths…

Anyway, I’ll be staying at Gialiskari, no laptops included (TM)!
Just me, my girl and the sea. Oh, i may bump into some old friends, playing at the Ikaros International Chess Tournament.

Anyway, have fun and see you in many days!

Recent changes

So many things have changed in the last six months!

Here are two of them:

  • I’ve moved out of my family house – I’ve been living with my love since 21 Oct 05

Let’s see what’s next!