Why DZone’s cross-promotional footer sucks

Why DZone’s cross-promotional footer sucks

I’ve hated their footer from the very first time, so it was quite funny when they even put up an article to describe how they did it! I mean, cmon you guys, do you ever use your site???
“So, what’s wrong with the footer?”, you might ask.
Well, it has a critical (toujours d’apres moi) usability problem… It makes your life difficult by now allowing you to use the END button.
Picture this: You find out that there are a few new comments in an article that interests you and you click to load the article, then hit END to see the comments. Imagine what that gets you: a 1280×1024 (and more) view of everything but comments… WTF!

Allowing Tapestry components to contribute CSS

It has always been easy to contribute javascript from a component to a page in Tapestry. The Body component included in Tapestry framework is responsible for gathering all contributed javascript and placing it either in body’s onLoad or exactly after the body tag.

However, instructing Tapestry to add a CSS, either from within a custom component or while in the middle of a page has always been an issue. I even remember that there was a patched Tapestry version which allowed such functionality.

Well, after reading Using JavaScript to dynamically add Portlet CSS stylesheets by Mark McLaren, a simpler solution can be implemented.

So, I just created a new Style component (included in TapFX v0.30 library) and here’s the code:

 function tapfx_addStyleSheet(styleUrl)
 		var styles = "@import url('" + styleUrl + "');";
 		var newSS=document.createElement('link');


 <?xml version="1.0"?>
     <include-script resource-path="style.js"/>
     <input-symbol required="yes" key="css" class="java.lang.String" />


 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <!DOCTYPE component-specification PUBLIC
   "-//Apache Software Foundation//Tapestry Specification 3.0//EN"
 <component-specification allow-informal-parameters="no" allow-body="no">
     <description>Adds a css to the page</description>
     <parameter name="css" type="org.apache.tapestry.IAsset" direction="in" required="yes">
         <description>The css asset to add.</description>


 <span jwcid="@Script" script="/net/sf/tapfx/components/style/Style.script"

I should just mention that all these work for Tapestry v3.01-3.03 for the moment.