Streaming Schedule of ApacheCon Hadoop, HTTP Server, and Lucene Track

Streaming Schedule of ApacheCon Hadoop, HTTP Server, and Lucene Track
Starting in less than 24 hours and for the next 4 days there’s ApacheCon. Don’t miss the live streaming from . Here’s the schedule (times in UTC):

Wednesday, 04 November 2009: Hadoop Track
  17:00 Opening Plenary & State of the Feather
       William A. Rowe, Jr. & Jim Jagielski
  17:30 Apache Pioneer's Panel
       Moderated by Brian Behlendorf
  19:00 Introduction to Apache Hadoop
       Owen O'Malley
  19:30 2009 State of the Elephant
       Christophe Bisciglia
  21:30 Becoming a Pig Developer
       Alan Gates
  22:30 Apache Hadoop in the Cloud
       Tom White
  00:00 Practical HBase
       Michael Stack
  01:00 Apache Hive: SQL and Data warehousing on Apache Hadoop
       Ashish Thusoo
Thursday, 05 November 2009: HTTP Track

  17:00 Munging URLs with mod_rewrite
       Rich Bowen
  18:00 Hardening Enterprise Apache Installations Against Attacks
       Sander Temme
  19:30 Keynote: Standing Out in the Crowd
       Kirrily Robert
  22:00 Scalable Internet Architectures
       Theo Schlossnagle
  00:30 Recent Developments in SSL and Browsers
       Rick Andrews
  01:30 Lightning Talks!
Friday, 06 November 2009: Lucene Track

  17:00 Implementing an Information Retrieval Framework for an
       Organizational Repository, Sithu D Sudarsan
  18:00 Apache Mahout - Going from raw data to information
       Isabel Drost
  19:15 MIME Magic with Apache Tika
       Jukka Zitting
  20:15 Keynote: How Open Source Developers Can (Still!) Save The World
       Brian Behlendorf
  22:00 Building Intelligent Search Applications with the Lucene
       Ecosystem, Ted Dunning
  23:00 Realtime Search
       Jason Rutherglen

So, Apache friends, enjoy!