English2Greek translation in Firefox

English2Greek translation in Firefox

I’ve been busy translating to greek an OS app lately… http://www.in.gr/dictionary has been a friend, but i needed more!

So, upon taking a look at Build Your Own Firefox Search Engine i quickly came up with this. As the article describes, copy it in your Firefox/searchplugins folder (optionally adding there this icon) and you’re ready to go.

But as always, there’s a faster way for this… Mozilla’s directory already contains this… grrrrrrrr… Which reminds me of a quote of the first chess coach of the very best Garry Kasparov : “I always tell Garry to think first and then move. But sometimes he does the opposite!”

PS. Just saw this
new tutorial. It contains the OpenSearch description format for search plugins that is supported by both FF 2.0 and IE7… Interesting read.


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