Tacos 4.0.1 and Tapestry Support for Netbeans 5.5

We had two tapestry-related releases today:

Tacos 4.0.1

Tacos 4.0.1 was released a few hours ago.  
It’s mainly a stability release fixing 2 subtle bugs and  
enhancing the ajax encoder (for very pretty and short ajax urls). 
Make sure to also check out the previously undocumented but powerful 
ajax-enabled Table component. 
Thanks to all that contributed… 

* Docs for tacos:Table component. 
* Load external js synchronously. Fixes Bug127. 
* AjaxSubmit posts all the AjaxLinkSubmits before it. Fixes Bug130. 
* Do not clear current document after error (a failed ajax-post). 
* Jdk1.4 compatible class format for maven generated artifacts. 
* Add StringToListConverter. Allows updateComponents parameter to be specified as a comma-delimited String. 

* Add uniqueNames parameter in AjaxForm – forces the html name of each input control to stem from the component’s idPath (instead of the component’s id). 
* Support validators and translator in HtmlArea. Fixes Bug128. 
* Make buttons in tacos:Palette work. Fixes Bug129. 
* Remove hardcoded class attribute from tacos:Table. 
* Easier way for defining ajax exception and stale-session pages. 
* Enhance AjaxDirectServiceEncoder for ever prettier ajax urls.  

* Corrected links to tapestry’s component docs. 


Just released the first version of nbtapestrysupport.

It provides:

  • Hyperlink support in Tapestry configuration files for class names, files and libraries… CTRL+click everywhere!!!
  • Autocomplete in Tapestry configuration files for class names, files and others
  • Templates for new Tapestry files

Download the 2 nbms, then install the generic module first and then the tapestry module.



3 thoughts on “Tacos 4.0.1 and Tapestry Support for Netbeans 5.5

  1. I’ve tried the plugin on Netbeans 5.5, and the .page has the root element has page instead of page-specification.

    Is this a bug?

    I have to manually change to page-specification for Tapestry 4.1 to work.

    Also .application files, the keyword mappings don’t seem correct?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. well what about tapestry 4.1,

    it looks like nb plugin just works with 4.0 versions.

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