Tapestry gets a face lift

Tapestry, the definite java component web framework, just got a nice face lift. The new website that was in the works for some months is now online.

In it, you will find the updated Tapestry Tutorial, the new and detailed FAQ, a quick reference to commonly used annotations within Tapestry 5 and much more documentation.

The Tapestry home page is also full of exciting new reasons of why you’d be interested in using Tapestry, so if this is the first time you’ve heard of this component based framework or if it’s been a while since you last reviewed it, then I gladly welcome you to take a look.

Goal 4D

Goal4D was the name of a java 3d engine i created a long long (long) time ago [2001-2003].
The code was never open-sourced and even though most of its features are obsolete now i don’t think it’d hurt anyone if i post it on my github account (i’d have to find the source code first).
Anyway, here’s a presentation i once did about Goal4D… enjoy!

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Reading Apache Maven 2 Effective Implementation

Reading Apache Maven 2 Effective Implementation

Thanks to Amit Sharma (of Packt Publishing), I recently got a copy of Apache Maven 2 Effective Implementation authored by Brett Porter and Maria Odea Ching.

The book has proven to be an interesting read so far (even for an advanced maven user), covering a lot of important (and sometimes little known) plugins. Its best practices chapter along with the real-life advices/tips that are found throughout the book are a must read. On the other hand, I would really have liked to see a chapter or appendix covering maven support in IDEs + I must admit don’t have much of respect for Archiva (that’s based on a few weeks interaction i had with it 3 years ago – perhaps things have improved?) which is covered in detail in the book, along with Continuum.

Anyway, expect a complete review soon.

Maven and slow dependencies report

Maven and slow dependencies report

If the dependencies report takes too long to finish, it could be due to maven trying to determine (and generate a report of) which repository contains which artifact… and the network and/or repos being slow or unreachable.

In any case, here’s how you can short-circuit that process:

mvn -Ddependency.locations.enabled=false site

Quick maven tip for deploying to remote FTP repository

First, you’ll need to make sure the following jars exist in %MAVEN_HOME%/lib (i include the versions i currently have):

  • wagon-ftp (1.0-beta-2)
  • commons-net (1.4.1)
  • oro (2.0.8)

Then define a server (& its credentials) for the remote repo in your ~/.m2/settings.xml and finally issue something like:

 mvn deploy:deploy-file -Dfile=mysql-source.jar -Dclassifier=sources
     -DpomFile=mysql-connector-java.pom -Durl=ftp://my.server.com/path/to/repository -DrepositoryId=my.server.id