2 hours lost due to SF upgrade!

2 hours lost due to SF upgrade!

Well, I’m back from vacations in Cyprus (Protaras for sea, Kalopanagiotis for mountain) and I was going to add some new Tapestry components to my sf project, tapfx.

CVS access was not working however, and since it’s been a while since I’ve used it, i thought : ‘Hey, I must be doing something wrong here!’

So, I browsed the docs, and the first thing i see is that it’s advised not to have strange characters in your password (only letters and numbers) because the cvs might not handle them. So I thought, that’s it! I change the pass (from web), wait for 10 mins (for the change to propagate to cvs), try again, but nothing happens.

So, I figure, time to use public/private keys instead of passwords. I set everything up (was the first time i did so), and tried command line access, but again no success.

Somehow I tried different host names, i.e. cvs1.sf.net, cvs2.sf.net, and they allowed access, but this time, my files weren’t there. So, I go to the central SF page, to look for news, but i don’t find anything there. However, by complete accident, I click on Site Status and amongst others i see this:

Project CVS Service: Offline – Scheduled Downtime In-Progress



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