2 more components for Tapestry

Just added 2 new components into TapFX ( http://tapfx.sf.net ), Cache and FilteringTable.

The Cache component uses ehcache and allows caching of dynamic content generated in Tapestry pages. Just enclose an html-tapestry fragment with something like

 <span jwcid="@Cache" name="mycache" key="ognl:id"> ... </span>

In this example, the component will search for a cache named mycache and then for the id key. If found, it will ignore its body and output the cached content. Otherwise, the content is rendered and output as normal, but also stored in the given cache with the specified key. Each cache properties are controlled from the ehcache.xml found on your classpath.

The FilteringTable component is a drop-in replacement for contib:Table ( which it uses under the hood ). I’ve already discussed this component in previous blogs and its main purpose is to visually enhance its replacement. It shows navigation controls (using assets for the next, previous, first, last links) both at the top and at the bottom of the table. It can also display a small Form with a TextField near the top navigation control which can be used in order to allow the user to filter the data presented.

My next plans are to provide components for displaying cache statistics and to further enhance FilteringTable with export capabilities.

Installation info is available at the project’s web site.


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