Easy Insert for Tapestry

After getting some positive feedback for a previous blog, I decided to add the EasyInsert component into TapFX.

In the latest version (0.15, just get the jar and drop it into your classpath),
you’re able to use the following:

  • ${user.name} . This will become: <span jwcid=”@Insert” value=”ognl:user.name”/>
  • <div class=”${global.class}”>content</div> . This will become: <div jwcid=”@Any” class=”ognl:global.class”>content</div>
  • <div jwcid=”@MyDiv” class=”${global.class}”>content</div> . This will become: <div jwcid=”@MyDiv” class=”ognl:global.class”>content</div>

Anyway, I hope this proves useful to all.


3 thoughts on “Easy Insert for Tapestry

  1. Yep, EasyInsert is for Tapestry 4 only. You’ld probably have to use a patched version of Tapestry 3 to achieve the same functionality.

  2. I want to use this for tapestry 3. I tried to drop it in WEB-INF/lib, not working. I guess I have to put it in some kind of configuration file, are the installation directions meant for tapestry 4?

  3. I actually wanted to add this to Tapestry proper, based on a suggestion by Erik Hatcher … and got voted down! Perhaps after people see it in TapFX, they’ll understand its value.

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