15 Years ago – a sprite editor in assembly

15 Years ago – a sprite editor in assembly Looks like X86 Turns 30 Years Old. So, here’s a screenshot of a Sprite Editor I did 15 years ago (!) written in 8086 assembly (using debug.com as an … assembler). Sprite Editor

Of course, there’s a story behind this program… We (me, brother, parents) were on vacation at Pilio and we went to Volos to meet some friends. After walking in the town for a while, we found a park and started playing football. Then, out of nowhere a dog came and tried to bite the ball – causing it to deflate!!@$!@#$

Then the owner of the dog started swearing at us, and to cut a long story short… lots of negative feelings generated that day.

That’s how I came up with the idea of creating a computer game (named as “Kill The Dog”)

That’s why I needed to do graphics for it

And that’s why this sprite editor was done.


One thought on “15 Years ago – a sprite editor in assembly

  1. …love the screenshot – dislike the story behind it. I think I declared my Amstrad 6128 as “obsolete” in 1992. A couple of years after I was stupid enough to sell it… I remember designing letters in a 16X8 matrix using binary numbers and making this programme in Basic 1.1 which would do my math so I could spend time listening to music and stuff… of course I was yelled at when my folks found out.

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