Goal 4D

Goal4D was the name of a java 3d engine i created a long long (long) time ago [2001-2003].
The code was never open-sourced and even though most of its features are obsolete now i don’t think it’d hurt anyone if i post it on my github account (i’d have to find the source code first).
Anyway, here’s a presentation i once did about Goal4D… enjoy!

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Java Applets Coding Contest Archives – A tribute to CFXweb

Java Applets Coding Contest Archives – A tribute to CFXweb

A few years ago I used to hang out at cfxweb.net

CFXweb is closed now, but when it started (2002) it was quite a popular site among demo sceners and amateur game developers – counting thousands of members and hosting graphics, 3D and AI related news and technical articles.

I still remembet when its creator, Civax, announced the 1st Java Applets Coding Contest… its theme was Image Distortion and more than 20 participants had sent their entries… I placed 10th with this bizzare entry … (don’t know what i was thinking of!) You can check out the rest of the entries here – many of which are still awesome.

I did better at the 7th contest, themed Particles. My entry “Gimme Pop” placed 2nd, but make sure you also check out the rest of them.

Anyway, I always get a smile on my face when i think back about that period (2000-2003) of my internet life. The previous one was a lot more darker… perhaps i’ll explain more in next posts!