Tapestry gets a face lift

Tapestry, the definite java component web framework, just got a nice face lift. The new website that was in the works for some months is now online.

In it, you will find the updated Tapestry Tutorial, the new and detailed FAQ, a quick reference to commonly used annotations within Tapestry 5 and much more documentation.

The Tapestry home page is also full of exciting new reasons of why you’d be interested in using Tapestry, so if this is the first time you’ve heard of this component based framework or if it’s been a while since you last reviewed it, then I gladly welcome you to take a look.

Goal 4D

Goal4D was the name of a java 3d engine i created a long long (long) time ago [2001-2003].
The code was never open-sourced and even though most of its features are obsolete now i don’t think it’d hurt anyone if i post it on my github account (i’d have to find the source code first).
Anyway, here’s a presentation i once did about Goal4D… enjoy!

View more presentations from andyhot.

Tapestry-4.1.6 maven archetype

There’s an updated archetype for Tapestry-4.1.6-SNAPSHOT over at (the well known snapshot repo)

All the hard work was done by Ulrich Stärk, so big thanks to him

For the record, here’s how to quickly generate a Tapestry project

mvn archetype:create -DarchetypeGroupId=org.apache.tapestry \
 -DarchetypeArtifactId=tapestry-archetype \
 -DarchetypeVersion=4.1.6-SNAPSHOT -DgroupId=org.example -DartifactId=myapp \

Tapestry for Nonbelievers

InfoQ has just released an article on Tapestry 5.

It’s a well written article that manages to cover many of the new features introduced in Tapestry. It goes through:

  • Setting up a Tapestry application
  • Creating a page and a component
  • Using the awesome Grid component for easy display of your data
  • Using BeanEditForm for one-line pojo editing!!!
  • Ajax and ajax components

So, go ahead and read it.

And now, moving on to the exclusive content of this entry…During my last trip to Germany (Emi and I were supposed to fly for Dubai, but we ended up in Frankfurt – that is another story) i got to meet the two authors of this article, Renat Zubairov and Igor Drobiazko.

So, here’s a photo of the three of us drinking beer:

Cleaning a maven repo

Cleaning a maven repo

Just saw the size of my local maven repo… and it isn’t nice

So, I’m wondering, is there a maven goal that cleans up ‘obsolete’ files? I want files like old snapshot jars deleted … cause, if you depend on SNAPSHOT versions of projects that update often, you do end up with LOTS of them!

Java Applets Coding Contest Archives – A tribute to CFXweb

Java Applets Coding Contest Archives – A tribute to CFXweb

A few years ago I used to hang out at cfxweb.net

CFXweb is closed now, but when it started (2002) it was quite a popular site among demo sceners and amateur game developers – counting thousands of members and hosting graphics, 3D and AI related news and technical articles.

I still remembet when its creator, Civax, announced the 1st Java Applets Coding Contest… its theme was Image Distortion and more than 20 participants had sent their entries… I placed 10th with this bizzare entry … (don’t know what i was thinking of!) You can check out the rest of the entries here – many of which are still awesome.

I did better at the 7th contest, themed Particles. My entry “Gimme Pop” placed 2nd, but make sure you also check out the rest of them.

Anyway, I always get a smile on my face when i think back about that period (2000-2003) of my internet life. The previous one was a lot more darker… perhaps i’ll explain more in next posts!