Tapestry for Nonbelievers

InfoQ has just released an article on Tapestry 5.

It’s a well written article that manages to cover many of the new features introduced in Tapestry. It goes through:

  • Setting up a Tapestry application
  • Creating a page and a component
  • Using the awesome Grid component for easy display of your data
  • Using BeanEditForm for one-line pojo editing!!!
  • Ajax and ajax components

So, go ahead and read it.

And now, moving on to the exclusive content of this entry…During my last trip to Germany (Emi and I were supposed to fly for Dubai, but we ended up in Frankfurt – that is another story) i got to meet the two authors of this article, Renat Zubairov and Igor Drobiazko.

So, here’s a photo of the three of us drinking beer:

Tapestry 5 book

Tapestry 5 book

Yeap, written by Alexander Kolesnikov, it’s been out for a while now: Tapestry 5: Building Web Applications

Here are some first comments from the mailing list:

Andy Huhn

I guess I’ll be the first to mention…my copy of the book arrived last
week! (Thursday) I’ve already read a good chunk of it, and skimmed
what I didn’t read. Excellent!

Even though I’ve been plowing my way through learning Tapestry for the
past few months, I found the book to be an excellent, rigorous treatment
of a lot of the details that I haven’t been able to find put together
all in one place so far. It’s definitely written to be simple enough
for someone who doesn’t know Tapestry at all to get started, but even
though I’m familiar with all of the basics, I still found it wonderfully
enlightening to read through it. It’s helping me pull together some of
the basics that I haven’t been able to get a handle on yet.

Alexander…excellent job!

Mahen Parera

I also received my book last week, and liked it very much. I was looking
for more sort of internals about the T5 framework tho.
Anyway, the book is great, i learned some stuff that i didnt know about.
Hopefully there will be some books coming along in the future which
explain more details about components and how the framework really
works,, more in to the internals of the framework.

Mark Shead

I will second this opinion. The book is great! I’m working through
all the examples and it is by far the fastest way (I’ve found) to get
up to speed on T5. Alexander did an excellent job of keeping things
simple enough to work through, while hi-lighting the different ways of
accomplishing the same thing.

Peter Stavrinides

Also received mine yesterday, a job well done Alexander! … it’s
simple, concise and to the point… no blabber, but as you said its a
quickstart, not so much for experienced Tapestry users.