Tapestry gets a face lift

Tapestry, the definite java component web framework, just got a nice face lift. The new website that was in the works for some months is now online.

In it, you will find the updated Tapestry Tutorial, the new and detailed FAQ, a quick reference to commonly used annotations within Tapestry 5 and much more documentation.

The Tapestry home page is also full of exciting new reasons of why you’d be interested in using Tapestry, so if this is the first time you’ve heard of this component based framework or if it’s been a while since you last reviewed it, then I gladly welcome you to take a look.

More Tapestry sites

Here’s 3 more public Tapestry sites (using Dojo for ajax + javascript):

  • http://www.sourcekibitzer.org/ is … sourcekibitzer! It provides detailed programming metrics into the relevant code quality, member activity, individual developer know-how, and scope of open source projects. It’s using Tapestry 4.0.2 and Tacos and it has recently been open-sourced. You can have it running locally in 5 mins!
  • http://freebookie.org is a free internet bookmaker that uses the js effects and ajax that Tapestry 4.1.2 provides (via Dojo 0.4.3). The complete project is open-source, available from http://code.google.com/p/bookie and quite easy to setup and play with locally.
  • http://news247.gr is a high volume greek news site that’s constantly updated. It’s on Tapestry 4.1.3 and does persistence with iBatis

So, if you’re interesting in having a look at Tapestry, why not grab the source of freebookie or sourcekibitzer and hack’em around?