Netbeans5.5Beta2 bundled with JBoss4.0.4 : No way to change server port

Netbeans5.5Beta2 bundled with JBoss4.0.4 : No way to change server port

I’ve been playing a bit with Netbeans5.5, mostly due to Geertjan’s posts (esp. those describing how to build plugins supporting web frameworks). I even started nbtapestrysupport.

So, i’m on a new machine today and having decided to take a look at NB’s plugin support, i head for to download the 5.5 version. I’m however sidetracked with the plethora of the available installers… without thinking a lot, i go for the “NetBeans IDE 5.5 Beta 2 + JBoss Application Server 4.0.4 Bundle Installer“.

Installation went smoothly. After updating NB to include the subversion support, I was able to checkout from and build & run the project.

My next thought is ‘let’s see how well JBoss integrates’…so, going to the Runtime tab, right-clicking on JBoss and selecting Start results in “port 8080 already in use”. Oh well, there’s a background tomcat instance running on this pc, it shouldn’t be difficult to make jboss use another port, i.e. 7070.

Googling easily produces “change the following file:
server/xxx/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat55.sar/server.xml” and indeed, if i then issue “jboss_dir/bin/” it picks up the change and it works.

BUT, from within NetBeans it doesn’t and there’s no way to make it work… googling doesn’t help either… it’s as if there’s a hardcoded configuration somewhere inside NB’s JBoss integration code… Let’s look for a workaround then. Right click to “Add Server” and then browse to the JBoss installation folder is quite interesting. NB informs us that the configured port is 7070 (cool!) but also that ‘The domain instance you want to add already exists’ (sad but correct).

My question of course is, since the instance already exists and since it can indeed read the 7070 value, why doesn’t it use it ???

Anyway, I ended up renaming the instance (just a folder rename) which allowed me to add the server in the previously described way. And this leaves us with:

Why, oh why, can’t I delete (or even rename) the original (and non-working) JBoss server registration ???


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