On LG FLATRON L1915S problems

On LG FLATRON L1915S problems

I’ve had this monitor for 1.5~2 years – no complaints so far.

But as I woke up this morning, it wouldn’t turn on. To be more exact, it would initially show the computer’s contents, then after half a second, it would simply go black… It’s neither a cable issue, nor a graphic card issue and what’s weird is that its operation light is turned on (green) as if everything works!

Fixya.com has some details on the monitor, and interestingly those two guys report the same issue. From the comments there, it looks like this is an issue of the inverter board and the Cold Compact Fluorescent bulbs and it’s supposed to be fixable though there’s no mention at the cost.

Anyway, i’ll try to get it fixed, nut i’ll probably go on to a new and bigger display, perhaps in the 21′-25′ range… Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “On LG FLATRON L1915S problems

    1. It’s amazing … i still use that monitor – and it’s been 4 years now !
      If i remember correctly, i had contacted the local LG dealers and it probably was a known issue with these monitors and they simply sent me a replacement the next day!
      The next problem i had with the monitor was only two months ago – something to do with the power supply circuit. And I had to pay for that …

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