Interviewed for + Greek JUG + Geertjan


I was recently interviewed by Geertjan – mostly relating to Netbeans5.5 and the Tapestry support module. It was an interesting talk, go ahead and read it.
BTW, here’s the latest screenshot of the module’s autocomplete capabilities:

Greek JUG

So, anyway, i then ( on Dec 02 ) attended our local JUG (its schedule in greek), where i finally met those 2 Netbeans guys: Roman Strobl and Geertjan Wielenga
Their presentations were excellent and it was clear that everyone in the audience enjoyed them! I can say the exact same thing for the other 2 presentations, from T.Varias and D.Andreadis.
All in all, the event was a success – here are the photos! So, I’m already looking forward for the next one.


Geertjan is a very interesting and pleasant guy. We arranged for some team coding in my house where we came up with the error-annotation support for the tapestry module. Here it is in action:

We had to call it a day quite early though, cause i was once more sleepless (+ a bit sick) ! I must have been coding with my eyes closed during the last half-hour : ) So, anyway, we’ll probably meet again next week, when i’ll be at Prague… should be fun!