Tacos 4.1.0 released

Here’s the announcement:

Hi all,
It’s a pleasure for me to announce the release of Tacos 4.1.0
(http://tacos.sourceforge.net/tacos4.1/) – the first stable tacos
release supporting Tapestry 4.1.x and offering:
  • Dojo Widget – Generic component for (almost) all dojo widgets.

  • script.aculo.us – brand new components based on script.aculo.us

  • Comet component

  • New Annotations – allow you to inject ILinks and easily check if
    component parameters are bound.

  • New binding prefixes – including ‘template’ that makes string
    related ognl expressions easier, and ‘absoluteAsset’ which works like
    the asset binding but makes sure that the created url is absolute.

  • BeanForm – All-in-one, flexible bean editor BeanForm has become a
    major part of Tacos. This update offers complete compatibility with
    Tapestry 4.1.2.

  • Tapdoc – though not yet properly released from within tacos, it
    offers a maven plugin for component reference generation.


  • The jars have already been deployed over at ibiblio.org – more
    installation instructions can be found at

  • Beanform (http://beanform.sourceforge.net/) and Tapdoc
    (http://www.erinors.com/developer/project/tapdoc/) have merged
    with Tacos.

  • Huge thanks to our latest committer Igor Drobiazko whose excitement
    has shed new life to the project.

  • Extra special thanks to all the people that contributed code, esp.
    Daniel Gredler, Norbert Sandor, Patrick Moore, Ming Jiang and Craig Spry

Have fun with it!


One thought on “Tacos 4.1.0 released

  1. Hy Andreas…

    First of all thanks for this great toolkit.

    Is there any example about combining the dojo:Widget Component with dojo’s MenuItem2 and a Tapestry-Listener ?

    I’ve tried around a couple of hours but it didn’t work (btw: i’ve tried the latest snapshot from 4.1.1).

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