My Tapestry Inspector has changed!

What happenned to my little buddy?
Why did he stop moving?
Why did he stop trying to catch-up with all the resizes I was making?
Grrrrr, I really liked his silly behaviour, it was funny, it was cute…
I liked the way he moved up and down, always heading for the bottom right corner of my Firefox, sometimes hiding, sometimes not, sometimes even scrolling down the browser!

He was full of life!

But now, he sits still wherever you instuct him to. He’s not fooling around
any more.

And we all know who’s responsible for this. It’s his father, Mr Howard!

After making an announcement, he briefly went on to punish his child. A script was removed, some styles applied and the fix was complete.

I can only guess at the child’s last words…
– Hey father, what are you doing? I promise to grow up, I promise to never miss that lower right corner again…