Thank you Tapestry

Just finished my first commercial app using Tapestry! It’s already installed and running at the client’s intranet and I’ld really like to say a big thank you to this great framework and to all the people at the user and dev list (esp. Mindbridge, Eric, Paul, Howard, Geoff ‘Spindle’ and Michael ‘Palette’ .

I used Tapestry 3.0.3 (a rock-solid version), Hivemind 1.0 for DI (a great 300kb IOC framework), Hibernate (accessing a nice and slick PostgreSQL) and iText (for PDF reports). For Tapestry components, I heavily used the contrib library and (my own) TapFX ( ) library and many custom ones (including some DWR enabled one which will shortly find their way into TapFX). The Partial component of tacos was really interesting, but (as I said) I ended up using DWR for AJAX functionality.

I’ll finally get enough time to investigate Tapestry 4.0. I’ve been following the list (and the source code) closely and I’ll now get the time to try it. I may even expand and enhance my tool for generating (navigation) diagrams from Tapestry apps, and who knows, maybe it’ll become an IDE plugin some day.

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  1. Joe, YES, it would have helped if there was a HiveMindCreator for DWR. When facing this problem, I didn’t consider writing one!

    I went for the fast solution, i.e. exposing a class to DWR which includes a reference to Hivemind’s registry, so there’s no real DI there, just dependency lookup. But now that you mention it, having a hivemind creator would simplify and beautify stuff.

    Are you planning on writing one?

  2. To “Tapestry User”: If Tapestry is “almost” as bad as Struts, that must mean it’s better.

    Cool! I can’t wait to start using it. 🙂

  3. Would it have helped you to have had a HiveMindCreator for DWR? (or did you need to write one yourself?)

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