Tapestry’s Table (cont.)

In a recent blog I described how I customized Tapestry’s contrib:Table, by making the pages links appear both at the top and at the bottom of the table, and by adding an optional form inside the table, in order to allow filtering of the results.

That customization was achieved by creating a custom Table component (just copy/paste the default .jwc and .html and subclass – if needed – the org.apache.tapestry.contrib.table.components.Table class).

Well, I’ve now gone even further by also including a custom TablePages component. This new component is able to display the pages link in a much nicer way, and uses assets for the Next, Back, First, Last links. Finally, I’ve made my custom Table component include a Block at the top ( just after the filter form ), so that I can easily add things there without needing to create new version of this component.

When I get the time, I’ll include all these stuff into TapFX – http://tapfx.sourceforge.net .
Here’s a screenshot of what I’ve got so far:


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  1. Nice job! Looking forward to test this, when fo you think it will be released? Gotta love tapestry 🙂

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