Tapestry in press – Beginning POJOs

Tapestry in press – Beginning POJOs

I recently came across
Beginning POJOs: Lightweight Java Web Development Using Plain Old Java Objects in Spring, Hibernate, and Tapestry. From the reviews i’ve found, it looked like a nice book and since it does contain a whole chapter on Tapestry, I thought it would be nice to add it in Tapestry‘s site.

So, in order to fill in some (Tapestry related) descriptions, I contacted the author, Brian Sam-Bodden, requesting a detailed table of contents for that chapter. I was pleasantly surprised with Brian’s reply: a 2MB email containing all 70 pages of that chapter – and all this so that I can write a few lines of description… Wow, thanks Brian!

Anyway, the Tapestry chapter is quite interesting, covering Tapestry 4.0.x versions. It starts by describing installation and configuration of the framework, then goes on to explain the concept of pages and components. Several form components are shown and then we learn how to configure and use Hivemind services, tie them to EJB3 services and make use of Application State Objects. Of course, Tapestry annotations are in the mix as well… The chapter ends with more than a dozen pages on AJAX and Tacos. Examples include dynamic user input validation and autocompleters.

Heck, had this book been written 2 months later, it would have also had my name in the tacos section : )


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